Farm Tours

Make Learning Fun


Walking Tour:  July - October

Recommended for 1st Grade and Older

A 50 minute guided tour where your group will learn about farm history, fruits, vegetables, honeybees, and turkeys

$6 per person

Hayride Tour:  September - October

Recommended for Kindergarten and younger

A 30 minute wagon ride through the fields and orchards which includes an abbreviated version of the points mentioned in the walking tour

$6 per person

Harvest Tour:  July - October

Recommended for 3rd Grade and Older

A 50 minute walking tour where your group will learn about farm history, fruits, vegetables, turkeys, and honeybees.  Additionally, each person will harvest their own bag of assorted fruits and vegetables to take home.

$10 per person for groups less than 100

$9 per person for groups of 100 or more

Strawberry Tour:  1st and 2nd Week of June

Recommended for all ages

A 50 minute tour where your group will see and learn about the spring fruits and vegetables, honeybees, and baby turkeys.  Additionally, each person will pick their own quart of strawberries to take home.

$7 per person

** Pumpkin picking is optional for all fall tours.  Price varies by size, starting at $2 each.

For more information or to schedule a farm tour, please call (609) 448-0629